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Harley Davidson
I ride a 1980 FXWG

right side view
tank graphics view
rear wheel view
rear view
engine view
nother engine view
list of some modifications;
  • JE PistonsJE Pistons
  • Crane CamsCrane Cams Hi-Roller 288B
  • S & SS & S Super E carb
  • Bubs Bad DogBubs Bad Dog exhaust system
  • BarnettBarnett clutch
  • CorbinCorbin seat
  • Performance MachinePMI wheels/brakes/sprockets/fwd controls,
  • Steel braided lines,
  • black powder-coated frame and engine parts,
  • black paint with custom graphics,
  • too much to list, you gotta see it!

    If you see a fellow biker crash what should you do? Learn how to treat the injured, here is a great site for information there may be a course available near you!

    Read about the 'Legend of the Bells'

    Here is a great site with Harley dealerships in the US and Canada listed including pros and cons about the shops, do they sell MSRP or add $$s worth of stuff you really don't like! checkout Hawgeye's Harley site

    What's your bike worth these days?

    Tool Dictionary (Humorous)

    Mechanic's Quick Reference(Humorous)

    Is your Mechanic a loser?(Humorous)

    How to figure out your VIN number

    Here is an interesting view on helmuts

    Read about "BOLT" California's Bikers Of Lesser Tolerance new

    Are you having problems with your Harley? Try this link to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration It has all sorts of good information like Recalls, Technical Service Bulletins, Defect Investigations, Consumer Complaints, Vehicle Owners' Questionnaire, Technical Information Services & Request Form, and Database List Documents. For instance I searched 1980/HarleyDavidson/1340 and found seven recalls, all of which were no problem on my FXWG (all those parts have since been changed or replaced, but it is a good link, check it out!

    read about Budsters trip thru the gold country on the way to 'Street Vibrations' in Reno
    list of pics;
    getting ready to leave for Reno
    entering Sequoia
    Jamestown Harley Dealer (see budsters trip story)
    our bikes in Reno from hotel balcony
    Ventura HOG group walking down Virginia St
    Reno in the day
    Reno @ nite
    on the way home

    Vintage bikes at the Otis Chandler Museum
    On 21 October 2006, the collection was auctioned off by Gooding Company. The auction fetched over $36 million, and set a record for a single day automotive auction.

    What a neat Museum, it used to be open once a month before it was auctioned off. Besides lots of vintage Harleys there are sections for European bikes, and also those 'other bikes' too!

    list of pics;
    1901 Indian
    1911 HD Model 7D
    1914 Cyclone
    1942 HD XA Army WW2
    See Antoine's restored 1942 HD XA Army WW2
    19xx HD Hill Climber
    Easy Rider
    1929 Indian 401
    Iver Johnson
    4 wheel delivery + 2 passengers

    Favorite Harley Links
    Ventura Chapter of H.O.G. HOG RIDE rentals in LA
    Cruise America rentals in LA Hogley Parts & Accessories
    SF Bay Area Harley rentals EagleRider rentals in LA
    Island Riders Hawaii Harley rentals Direct Parts, Inc.
    Sturgis HomePage lilgun, another Harley lover
    Kevin's FLH 1978 Harley Mom's Page
    American Motorcycle Classifieds
    Harleys for sale
    Biker Rogue

    The Ten Commandments of Harley Davidson

    1. The one true american-made motorcycle is the Harley-davidson, and thou shalt put no other motorcycles before it.
    2. Thou shalt not bow down and worship nor serve the god of chrome; for, lo, he is a false god and will not get thy butt home.
    3. Honor thy authorized dealer and thy hog chapter officers, that thy days may be long and fruitful in the land of Harley.
    4. Remember the weekend, and keep it open. for it is written, five days shalt thou labor, and for two days shalt thou ride thy Harley, drink beer, and fuck off.
    5. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's Harley, nor her manservant, nor her maidservant, nor her ox, nor her cute little ass.
    6. From the throne of thine Harley, thou shalt not stoop to wave at sinners who ride jap-crap, for jap-crap is known to be the handiwork of the devil.
    7. Thou shalt not pass by nor turn away from thy brother Harley rider who is in mechanical distress.
    8. Thou shalt not pose. verily, i say unto you, it is easier for a poser to pass his gold visa card through the eye of a needle than to enter into the true fellowship of Harley-davidson heaven.
    9. When riding thy Harley on the road of life, thou shalt not whine nor snivel, and thou shalt not suffer to ride alongside those who do.
    10. Park not thy Harley in the darkness of thine garage, that it may collect dust for want of being oft ridden, ride thy Harley with thy brethren, and rejoice in the spirit of the road.

    Jim Henry provided this section from RMH

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