March 30, 2006 I helped organize a Tour of the Lance Factory with Eric from the LOA (Lance Owners Association) and Shawn (Mooney) whom I had met on

click on the pictures if you want to see a larger view

Gary Conley ~ Lance National Sales Manager conducted the tour

Part of the lamination process

Corner braces in the aluminum wall

welding on the inside corners in the aluminum wall

Cab over braces in the aluminum wall

Corner braces in the wood wall

Cab over braces in the wood wall

all aluminum structures are made on a jig table to insure accuracy and the welds are all on the inside corners

Foam insulation is cut with a 'hot wire' machine to insure a clean and accurate cut.

Vacuum press

Screws are covered and sealed

ceiling section wired and ready for installation

wiring harness jig

Holding tanks

all plastic water lines are bent with these metal forms to keep from kinking the lines

all fittings use solid brass connections

Cabinet sections

LanceLock extrusions used to hold vertical to horizontal sections together, very innovative!

all holding tanks are held in place with square tubing that is bolted to the sides, looks sturdy, won't fall out of the bottom

Dump valves are not buried in the basement so replacement would be easy, the holding tanks have a built in 'downhill' to them for better draining

internal bracing for tie downs

the tie downs

internal bracing for jacks

HappiJack motor and rod for manual operation of slide

viewing an Arctic Fox for comparisons

all copper lines with brass fittings for propane

view of plant from above

another view of the factory

Budster, Jack Cole President of Lance, Mooney

We had a great dinner hosted by Lance, they gave away a lot of prizes (you had to be there to win) Torklift sent Jack and Rob to represent them, good to see you guys again!! Torklift gave away a few great prizes like fastguns and some really nice jackets with liners! Way to go guys!

We went to Thousand Trails in Acton for the night. Friday morning Eric (LOA President) provided breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Thanks Eric! Here are some pictures from TT

Eric Dye President of the LOA (Lance Owners of America) holding the baton!

Eric’s license plate with the Baton watching closely

Jack from TorkLift flipping pancakes with Sue making sure he does it right!

Jack still at task

cooking the bacon

camping at Thousand Trails in Acton, CA

more at TT

group shot at TT

group again

After breakfast some of us drove to Pismo Beach for a weekend of camping on the sand






Nepo – Elmer & Tracy

RR Hounds – Kathy & Ken

ThreeToGo – Marcia & Ray

TSJA – Tim & Sara

AllJackedUp – Larry, Michelle, Joe, Chelsea

Tim & Josh

femunn – Floyd

1Shotgun – Russ & Mary

Jim & Sue

Mooney – Shawn

Raiders5 – Scott, Cynthia, Kaitlyn, Crystal

Sunset at the beach from Mooney

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